Follow The Voyages Of The Starship Yorktown Crew As They Boldly Go Into The Final Frontier


STARSHIP YORKTOWN is looking for volunteers to help with our productions.  It doesn't matter what level of film experience you have, even if you don't have any, we can use you.  Our production is a nonprofit pro bono project home based in North Carolina but will be filming on sets in southern Georgia.  

We do need more people with skills and/or experience in film production such as writers, editors,  directors,  cinematographers, producers, FX make-up artists, sound techs, PAs, production managers, costumers, set builders, prop builders, general crew members, etc., but we also encourage people who are just fans of Star Trek or Sci-Fi in general to help with the series.

We are also looking for actors for our guest roles in our episodes, so if you have experience in acting, or if you just want to be an extra, then please let us know.  It would help to have a TOS period costume, but we will provide and attach a USS Yorktown insignia to your uniform (see picture below).  The Yorktown insignia will be an additional gift to you for being a part of ship's crew.  Everyone that works on the Starship Yorktown web series (be it behind or in front of the camera) will receive an episode credit, a website credit, a DVD of the episode, and will be provided food on the set during production.

If you wish to help with our series, please register with our site and fill out the information below. If you have any questions or wish to send us any info such as resumes, head shots, photos, story ideas, scripts, designs, etc., please select "Contact Us" at the top of the page and choose "Email".  We will then send you an email with our direct email address.

If you use the form below please include your full name, web site user name (if a member), location, and email address.   

Thank you!





How Do You Want To Volunteer For Starship Yorktown?
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Ships Crew Extra
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SFX Make Up
Sound Editor
Script Supervsor
Set Dresser
Production Manager
Location Sound/Boom
Prop Master
Stunt Cooridinator
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